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巧連智月刊 / ABC ISLAND售價 Pricing/Delivery :


The Monthly Subscription include air freight and material from Taiwan, 6 issues for US$175 and 12 issues for US$322 with special introcution baby set of 15 issue is $399.


依本公司的訂閱單處理日:15日以前為當月號,16日以後為次月號教材。 *若您訂閱當月號,第一次教材會於您付款後約14個工作日左右收到,其餘 月份教材會固定在當月10日左右收到.當月16日以後訂閱,從第一期起即為 每月10日左右收到教材。

For the monthly subscription: The First Issue will arrive in about 14 days after payment is processed. Subsequent material should be received around the 15th of each month.


2.ABC Island巧虎英語世界為定期學習方式,且一次需訂購12期完整學程,恕不接受零散期數訂購,十二期US$250。

English Supplement ABC Island are 12 issue subscription (including freight) for "lets Play" and "lets talk" versions. the Set is sold for $250 including shipping and a full 12 month program and cannot be purchase seperately.

3. 中途退訂制度說明

Subscription Cancellation:

我們希望您的孩子一開始就喜歡這套教材,若覺得不適用,建議您讓孩子連 續使用數期後,再來考慮。最後我們會尊重您的決定,將剩餘書款與運費退(須扣除退款處理 手續費US$15),讓您訂得安心!

ABC Island 需扣除US$15處理手續費,並扣除已收書款項,每期以US$28計算;訂閱 ABC Island 於未滿四期退訂時,本公司保留由退款中扣除禮物等值金額之權力。

We hope both you and your kids will love the material from the start and ask to give at least 2-3 issues before considering cancelation. Cancelation must be authorized before the 20th of each month prior to the next month ship out. Remaining funds will be returned to you within 5 business days after deducting $15 processing fees. For ABC Island cancelations within the first four months will be charge an addiditional charge of $20 for the gift that was included in the first package and $28 per issue that was already sent out.


4. 退換貨處理原則

Return and Exchange

巧連智月刊--消費者在收到第一期商品或見面禮的七日內(包含收到貨當日) 有鑑賞期,可以要求退貨,但只要下單後,第一期國際郵資無法退還.客戶需將第一期教材自行退還給A.B.C.D.我們在收到您退回的第一期教材後,會將第一期的教材費用以及剩下未寄出的教材費與運費退給您。第二期以後不能退貨退款,只能中 途退訂。若商品有瑕疵,則30天內接受換貨。請您收到商品時,先仔細檢查 是否有遺漏或是破損,若有任何問題請與我們客服部門聯絡辦理換貨手續。

Monthly subscriptionDue to the nature of internatioonal frieght, upon placing the order the postage of the first issue cannot be refunded. We will refund the remaining amount minus the first postage upon reciving the return of material (without damage and you are responsible for return shipping and insurance). Only cancelation can be made from second issue forward. Simply call our representative to obtain a RMA number and return the item. Upon receiving the item, please inspect it carefully. If the item is received with content missing/damaged please let us know within 30 days and we will send out a replacement.


5. 巧連智月刊提醒您 Reminder

我們非常希望您接受適齡適版的觀念,我們將依照小朋友的出生年月來設定 您所訂閱的版別,若您想指定訂閱版別,請於週一至週五8:00-4:30pm (PST)打電 話 至714-888-5190謝謝!

Many years and research goes into tailoring the version to specific child age according to the development Hence we hope that you will follow the program designated by us according to your childs age. Should you decide that your child needs a version different than his/her age please call 714-888-5190 on Monday to Friday 8:00-4:30pm (PST)and we would be happy to assist you.

★本公司保有接受訂閱單與否之權利ABCD inc reserves the right to refuse service



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